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"In a future that appears as bright as fearful it is existential to take art into a serious consideration"

       -Aron Mathe

Aron Mathe is a Hungarian contemporary artist. His work uniquely combines traditional methods of art such as oil painting and silicon casting with data driven 3-D software. His work has been deeply influenced by bio-technology, Space exploration and post-humanism, which aims to add a new perspective on the current critical debates that surround the future of society. In his most recent publication the 'New Horizon’, he has analysed how art practices have the potential to unlock new fields of bio-technology and the possibilities of further Space exploration.  


Mathe has participated in several internationally recognised residency programs such as the DLR EDEN ISS mission and the Mason Lab's study on the DSUP gene as part of the NASA's Twin Study. Mathe's work has been internationally recognised and shortlisted for the sixth Moscow International Biennale for Young Art and he has also featured in exhibitions across the globe most notably at the Geumgang Art Biennale in South Korea, the Hungarian National Museum in Budapest and the Digital Media Collective’s show at Tate Modern in London.


Art of Semiology Magazine – Issue 2


Sky News – Digital Makers Collective Exhibition -Tate Modern – London


Yatoo Publication -Nature Art Cube Exhibition of Geumgang Nature Art Biennale 2018 Catalogue


Yatoo Publication - Geumgan Nature Art Pre-Biennale Exhibition Catalogue


State of the Arts Magazine – POST2018 Fashion show


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