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VE - X


VE-X provides an alternative for food consumption and an answer to the growing problem of the food industry and food related health problems. VE-X offers a 100% non-organic full nourishment package, building up from extracted and compacted Vitamins, Calcium, Protein, Fibers, Magnesium, and Natural Sugars tailored to the individuals need. VE-X capsules are designed to cover all energy need of the consumer with an additional surplus, erasing the cult around food consumption and treating nourishment as pure vital energy. VE-X gives the benefits to the body to healthily grow, heal, and repel illnesses and eating related health problems such as obesity, Parkinson and heart disease. VE-X offers the environmental benefits of replacing the meet and agricultural industry, reduces food production and transportation related energy costs, reduces public starvation and deaths caused by starvation. The work has developed together with The European Medicine Agency and members from NHS. 

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