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MICROPLANET 3.0  Extract from computer simulation  2019


Microplanet 3.0 is a project entitling the making of a new Space satellite that hosts a separate biosphere in isolation. The concept provides the direct befits of understanding better greenhouse plantation in space conditions, and the development of an isolated life-support system in a separate micro-planetary environment. The work has been inspired by conversation with architects from the AI Spacefactory regarding regenerative life support systems. The main body of the work has been developed with the support of Dr Matthew Santer lecturer of Aerospace engineering at Imperial College London. Dr Santer has introduced the concepts of working with cube sat satellite’s provided by Pumpkin Space Systems and Clyde Space to the Microplanet 3.0 design.


Microplanet 1.0 is the first iteration of Microplanet 3.0. The piece presents an isolated mini biosphere with insulation technology that could protect the plant in Space conditions. The structure of Microplanet 1.0  was crafted with the help of London Terrariums. The plant is protected with layers of Aerogel, Acrylic sheets, Lexon and water. The sculpture was exhibited at the 2018 Geumgang Art Biennale in South Korea.

DLR (German Aerospace Center : Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V.) EDEN ISS MISSION

In 2018 Aron Mathe has carried out a collaborative research residency at DLR (German Aerospace Center) EDEN ISS in Bremen under the supervision of Dr Daniel Schubert. EDEN ISS entitles a project that focuses on ground demonstration of plant cultivation technologies and their application in space. EDEN ISS develops safe food production for on-board the International Space Station (ISS) and for future human space exploration vehicles and planetary outposts.

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